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CRB Registered CLASS-I Specialist Drilling Contractor

Victoria Boreholes is a specialist company pioneering in the area of boreholes to supply clean water to the people. The company is taking up projects since 2008 throughout Tanzania and has two rigs at its command along with two more rigs with sister concern in Uganda. The company was registered in the United Republic of Tanzania under the company registration No. 64918 on 2nd day of April 2008 and obtained Drilling permit Ref. No AB.355/544/01/129 from “Ministry of Water and Irrigation” on 13th of October 2008 and Class -I Specialist Drilling Contractor Certificate from “Contractors Registration Board”. 

Prior to coming to Tanzania, the promoters of Victoria Boreholes completed several water wells and rural water supply projects in entire Uganda. The water projects completed in difficult terrains of Ghana stand as testimony to the technical skills and expertise in drilling wells and providing assured water supply. Several of the wells were executed in shallow and deep well projects in all most all regions of Ethiopia.

Victoria Boreholes has successfully drilled more than 200 boreholes in areas of Coast, Dodoma, Mororgoro, Lindi, Mtwara, Tanga, Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Manyara, Mara, Mwanza, Shinyanga and Kagera Regions spread across Tanzania. Also, Victoria Boreholes has rich experience of working in different terrains like Alluvium, Conglomerates, Sedimentary, Volcanic, Metamorphic and Basement Rock terrains in India, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Ghana.

Victoria Boreholes has vast experience in handling difficult situations in drilling bore holes. The company offers customized solutions and special services in drilling bore holes of 6” to 16” with latest equipment to meet the drinking water and agriculture requirements to the satisfaction of customers. And, the company is working in close collaboration with major Indian manufactures of water well drilling rigs and drilling tools to bring the latest technical know-how in borehole drilling.

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The company wants to partner with the society to provide clean drinking water to the needy community and offer dependable source of water to meet agricultural / industrial requirements in Tanzania.

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